Which Hemorrhoid Treatment is Best For You? Here Are the Pros & Cons of Each

Which hemorrhoid treatment?Let’s look at the most common ones together with the pros and cons of each. These include, in no particular order:
Creams and ointments
Sitz Baths
Rubber Band Litigation
After looking at the above options in more detail I will show you how to find out about a totally natural hemorrhoid treatment as I know many people these days are actively looking for natural alternatives.So, firstly Hemorrhoid creams and ointments.You will usually find that those hemorrhoid creams which contain a local anesthetic and are available over the counter may temporarily soothe the pain of hemorrhoids.The creams and ointments which contain hydrocortisone can cause the skin to waste away or decline if used for more than a week at a time, so bear this in mind if you use this option.There are wipes available with witch hazel which are a useful natural alternative.The next treatment for hemorrhoids to consider is Sitz Baths.The name is unusual and actually comes from the German word ‘Sitzen’ which simply means ‘to sit’.That’s the perfect name for this hemorrhoid treatment because you simply sit in (usually warm) water which may have salt or baking soda added.You can buy Sitz baths which are made to fit over a toilet or on top of a chair. The most modern sitz baths even keep the water warmed.Sitz baths are thought to relieve the irritation, itching and spasms of the sphincter muscle, however there is little clinical evidence to suggest they actually treat the hemorrhoids. However for some relief this may be a worthwhile option.It is very important that good hygiene is used with sitz baths for obvious reasons!Another treatment for hemorrhoids is Rubber Band Ligation.This involves from 2-4 procedures spaced about 6-8 weeks apart from each other to completely get rid of the hemorrhoid. However be aware that the problem may still re-occur at a future time.The actual procedure involves an elastic band being put around the base of the hemorrhoid. This band will then cause the hemorrhoid to get smaller. It also causes the tissue around the hemorrhoid to scar as it heals. This will then hold the hemorrhoid in place.The next hemorrhoid treatment to explore is surgery called a Hemorrhoidectomy.Be warned that this is well-known to be painful! It has a high success rate but does require general anesthetic. Often narcotic analgesics are needed after the surgery. You’ll probably need a week or ten days off work too.Have you heard of the next hemorrhoid treatment called a Hemorrhoidopexy?Like the procedure above this needs to be done under a general anesthetic.The hemorrhoids are stapled into their normal position. They are less likely to re-occur than with the Rubber Band method. With all the above treatments, make sure you ask your Doctor’s advice.One useful tip if you have hemorrhoids is to always sit on a cushion rather than on any hard surface. This will firstly help to reduce the swelling of the hemorrhoids. It will also help to prevent the development of new ones.As with any health problem it makes sense to find out what is causing the problem before taking action. That way you will help to sort out the problem at it’s root.I like to think of it like this: If your bike gets a puncture it’s no good repairing it if you then continue cycling over broken glass – you will just keep getting punctures. Get rid of the CAUSE (in this example the broken glass) and you won’t keep getting the problem! If we look beyond the symptoms we can find the best solutions.

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