How to Cure Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy Without Putting Your Baby at Risk

Pregnancy brings its own delights and a few dilemmas. Today we are going to EXPOSE one of those SECRET dilemmas: Hemorrhoids.Reading this article you will learn how to use simple remedies to treat those irritating hemorrhoid symptoms such as hemorrhoid pain, itching, swelling, bleeding and inflammation. You will also learn how to prevent hemorrhoid flare ups.There are many hemorrhoid treatments available on the market today and it can be quite confusing and difficult to know what treatment is best for you and what is safe for your baby.Over the counter remedies include creams, suppositories, tablets etc. but sometimes just the thought of stepping into a drug store and asking for a treatment for your hemorrhoids can cause extreme embarrassment and lead to you not getting help for your condition.I appreciate what a difficult and private problem dealing with pregnancy and hemorrhoids both at the same time, can be. (I’ve been there)Understanding what causes hemorrhoids during pregnancy will allow you to take control and relieve the misery these nasty little fellows are having on your life right now. Although millions of people of all ages suffer from hemorrhoids, this may be your first experience and can prove to be a very distressing time for you.DON’T DESPAIRHemorrhoids that appear during pregnancy are usually only temporary and often resolve themselves after your baby is born.Why hemorrhoids appear during pregnancy.There are a number of reasons why this happens, hemorrhoids are veins or blood vessels inside the rectal area. The pressure of your baby pressing down on the pelvic area can cause the vessel walls to become swollen. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can also cause the veins to swell, this swelling of the veins can cause discomfort, itching and a dull pain inside your bottom. These are known as internal hemorrhoids.Constipation is another contributing factor as your bodies system slows down there’s a tendency for the stool to build up and become hard and dry.Straining on the toilet can cause the hemorrhoids to bleed or be pushed to the outside of the rectum, these are then known as external hemorrhoids and are prone to inflammation and infection due to contact with faeces, and can be extremely painful.Hemorrhoid Symptoms.Symptoms occur when the hemorrhoids become inflamed, enlarged or prolapsed and can be mild, moderate or severe. The symptoms can vary from person to person.Treatment of Hemorrhoid Symptoms.Using simple natural home remedies is the best way to bring relief and is safe for you and your baby.Dealing with constipation is priority and is easily taken care of by adding extra fibre to your diet such as fruit, vegetables, whole grain bread and cereals. As you increase the fibre in your diet, be sure to also increase your fluid intake at the same time, 10-12 glasses of liquid daily especially water. Not drinking sufficient fluid with a high fibre diet can make the situation worse.Exercise: walking or swimming is important as well as beneficial in helping to keep your digestive system moving and fight constipation.Kegel Exercises: these are also known as pelvic floor exercises and help strengthen the muscles in that area and are a powerful way to help you lower the risk of hemorrhoids during pregnancy by increasing blood circulation to the rectal area.To keep the rectal area clean after a bowel movement use moist wipes and warm water, do not use dry toilet tissue as this can cause irritation.WITCH HAZEL. You can use wipes soaked in Witch Hazel, (known as Tucks) to clean or place directly over the anal area to calm any inflammation and reduce swelling.SITZ BATH. Sitting your bottom in a bath with a few inches of warm water brings relief and soothes any irritation, adding Epsom salts or regular salt to the water has a further healing effect. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes three to four times daily.ALOE VERA. This is a natural remedy which is very effective in the treatment of hemorrhoid symptoms bringing fast relief. It helps to reduce swelling, relieves itching, burning sensation and pain. You can find 100% organic whole leaf Aloe Vera in most health stores.TOP TIPPrevent constipation and you will prevent hemorrhoid flare ups. Increase fibre, fluid and exercise and it’s possible you will remain hemorrhoid free.Stay Healthy and Good Luck with your new Baby

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